Latest South Dakota Gaming News
8/22/2011SDCheyenne River Sioux Tribe seeks own casino (The Daily Republic)
10/17/2010SDDeadwood casino patrons split on effect of smoking ban (Rapid City Journal)
6/19/2009SDCustomers tackle would-be casino robber (
12/10/2007SDGaming commission to rule on Deadwood casino (Rapid City Journal)
2/18/2007SDTribe face hurdles in expanding gambling (Rapid City Journal)
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Casinos in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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Golden Nugget Casino

   tabbed details about Golden Nugget Casino  top information page about Golden Nugget Casino
Local: (605) 333-0486 

Aces Casino

   tabbed details about Aces Casino  top information page about Aces Casino
Local: (605) 373-0882 

Big Al's Casino

   tabbed details about Big Als Casino  top information page about Big Als Casino
Local: (605) 332-6228 

Black Diamond Casino

   tabbed details about Black Diamond Casino  top information page about Black Diamond Casino
Local: (605) 362-1044 

Blue Moon Casino

   tabbed details about Blue Moon Casino  top information page about Blue Moon Casino
Local: (605) 331-5684 

Bogey's Bar & Grill

   tabbed details about Bogeys Bar & Grill  top information page about Bogeys Bar & Grill
Local: (605) 373-9662 

Boomer's Place

   tabbed details about Boomers Place  top information page about Boomers Place
Local: (605) 334-2666 

Borrowed Bucks Road House

   tabbed details about Borrowed Bucks Road House  top information page about Borrowed Bucks Road House
Local: (605) 331-2448 

Boxcars Casino

   tabbed details about Boxcars Casino  top information page about Boxcars Casino
Local: (605) 334-7388 

Cash Inn Again

   tabbed details about Cash Inn Again  top information page about Cash Inn Again
Local: (605) 334-5860 

Cash Inn Casino

   tabbed details about Cash Inn Casino  top information page about Cash Inn Casino
Local: (605) 334-6891 

Casino Deuces

   tabbed details about Casino Deuces  top information page about Casino Deuces
Local: (605) 339-3511 

Connections Cafe & Pub II

   tabbed details about Connections Cafe & Pub II  top information page about Connections Cafe & Pub II
Local: (605) 334-0937 


   tabbed details about Connexions  top information page about Connexions
Local: (605) 361-7081 

Crown Casino

   tabbed details about Crown Casino  top information page about Crown Casino
Local: (605) 782-4679 

Crown Casino

   tabbed details about Crown Casino  top information page about Crown Casino
Local: (605) 334-8020 

Crown Casino

   tabbed details about Crown Casino  top information page about Crown Casino
Local: (605) 977-0805 

Crown Casino East

   tabbed details about Crown Casino East  top information page about Crown Casino East
Local: (605) 977-0805 

Deuces Casino

   tabbed details about Deuces Casino  top information page about Deuces Casino
Local: (605) 338-3773 

Deuces III

   tabbed details about Deuces III  top information page about Deuces III
Local: (605) 336-2125 

Deuces IIII

   tabbed details about Deuces IIII  top information page about Deuces IIII
Local: (605) 339-3766 

Diamond Dan's Casino

   tabbed details about Diamond Dans Casino  top information page about Diamond Dans Casino
Local: (605) 782-4661 

Dollar Bill's Casino

   tabbed details about Dollar Bills Casino  top information page about Dollar Bills Casino
Local: (605) 336-3250 

Easy Dough Casino

   tabbed details about Easy Dough Casino  top information page about Easy Dough Casino
Local: (605) 335-3770 

Empire Casino

   tabbed details about Empire Casino  top information page about Empire Casino
Local: (605) 362-0148 

Executive Subs & Salads

   tabbed details about Executive Subs & Salads  top information page about Executive Subs & Salads
Local: (605) 339-9771 

Fireside Casino

   tabbed details about Fireside Casino  top information page about Fireside Casino
Local: (605) 361-1331 

Gold Rush Casino

   tabbed details about Gold Rush Casino  top information page about Gold Rush Casino
Local: (605) 338-7335 

Grand Casino

   tabbed details about Grand Casino  top information page about Grand Casino
Local: (605) 339-9310 

Gregg's Sub Station & Casino

   tabbed details about Greggs Sub Station & Casino  top information page about Greggs Sub Station & Casino
Local: (605) 332-5454 

The Hole In the Wall Casino

   tabbed details about The Hole In the Wall Casino  top information page about The Hole In the Wall Casino
Local: (605) 336-9135 

The Jack Pot

   tabbed details about The Jack Pot  top information page about The Jack Pot
Local: (605) 338-4857 

Jackpot Casino

   tabbed details about Jackpot Casino  top information page about Jackpot Casino
Local: (605) 338-4857 

Kay's Casino

   tabbed details about Kays Casino  top information page about Kays Casino
Local: (605) 339-3913 

Kay's Too

   tabbed details about Kays Too  top information page about Kays Too
Local: (605) 332-4232 

Ken's Korner

   tabbed details about Kens Korner  top information page about Kens Korner
Local: (605) 331-4934 

Kings Casino

   tabbed details about Kings Casino  top information page about Kings Casino
Local: (605) 331-5405 

Lucky Bucks

   tabbed details about Lucky Bucks  top information page about Lucky Bucks
Local: (605) 332-4721 

Lucky Dollars

   tabbed details about Lucky Dollars  top information page about Lucky Dollars
Local: (605) 332-4721 

Lucky Horsehoe Casino

   tabbed details about Lucky Horsehoe Casino  top information page about Lucky Horsehoe Casino
Local: (605) 339-0415 

Lucky Kruser's Cafe

   tabbed details about Lucky Krusers Cafe  top information page about Lucky Krusers Cafe
Local: (605) 336-8438 

Lucky Lady Casino

   tabbed details about Lucky Lady Casino  top information page about Lucky Lady Casino
Local: (605) 333-9985 

Lucky Strike Casino

   tabbed details about Lucky Strike Casino  top information page about Lucky Strike Casino
Local: (605) 988-0129 

Jackson's Casino

   tabbed details about Jacksons Casino  top information page about Jacksons Casino
Local: (605) 334-4291 

The Mint Casino

   tabbed details about The Mint Casino  top information page about The Mint Casino
Local: (605) 334-4005 

Neon Diner & Casino

   tabbed details about Neon Diner & Casino  top information page about Neon Diner & Casino
Local: (605) 339-3700 

O'Callies Hi Ho Casino

   tabbed details about OCallies Hi Ho Casino  top information page about OCallies Hi Ho Casino
Local: (605) 332-5543 

Paradise Casino

   tabbed details about Paradise Casino  top information page about Paradise Casino
Local: (605) 336-6555 

Paradise Casino

   tabbed details about Paradise Casino  top information page about Paradise Casino
Local: (605) 334-2803 

Paradise East Casino

   tabbed details about Paradise East Casino  top information page about Paradise East Casino
Local: (605) 371-0414 

Players Club Casino

   tabbed details about Players Club Casino  top information page about Players Club Casino
Local: (605) 332-5007 

Poppadox Pub

   tabbed details about Poppadox Pub  top information page about Poppadox Pub
Local: (605) 336-8000 

Recovery Room

   tabbed details about Recovery Room  top information page about Recovery Room
Local: (605) 338-4914 

Rockin Robin's Casino & Cafe

   tabbed details about Rockin Robins Casino & Cafe  top information page about Rockin Robins Casino & Cafe
Local: (605) 332-1254 

Royal Casino

   tabbed details about Royal Casino  top information page about Royal Casino
Local: (605) 332-9626 

Royal Casino

   tabbed details about Royal Casino  top information page about Royal Casino
Local: (605) 332-9626 

Royal Flush On Cliff

   tabbed details about Royal Flush On Cliff  top information page about Royal Flush On Cliff
Local: (605) 335-4793 


   tabbed details about Scoreboard  top information page about Scoreboard
Local: (605) 332-9523 

Skelly's Pub & Casino

   tabbed details about Skellys Pub & Casino  top information page about Skellys Pub & Casino
Local: (605) 221-0244 

Sport Bowl

   tabbed details about Sport Bowl  top information page about Sport Bowl
Local: (605) 332-9914 

Suburban Lanes

   tabbed details about Suburban Lanes  top information page about Suburban Lanes
Local: (605) 336-3800 

TC's Referee Sports Bar & Grill

   tabbed details about TCs Referee Sports Bar & Grill  top information page about TCs Referee Sports Bar & Grill
Local: (605) 361-2208 

The Thirsty Duck

   tabbed details about The Thirsty Duck  top information page about The Thirsty Duck
Local: (605) 334-0124 

V I P Gaming Lounge

   tabbed details about V I P Gaming Lounge  top information page about V I P Gaming Lounge
Local: (605) 335-7529 

West Side City Casino

   tabbed details about West Side City Casino  top information page about West Side City Casino
Local: (605) 334-2188 

Wild Willie's

   tabbed details about Wild Willies  top information page about Wild Willies
Local: (605) 331-5253 

In the Mt. Rushmore State, gambling is legal in many cities and on Indian reservations. The legal gambling age in South Dakota is 21 for casino gaming. Maximum allowable bets in South Dakota are $100.

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