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Birthday@Bellagio/Cosmo; Double Upgrade and a Baby Stroller Collision…
by KenoQueen
Posted: 3:15:00 PM, Friday, July 8, 2011

After months of planning for my big 50th, the day finally came to get on a plane and enjoy 4 nights in Vegas that I was looking forward to. We invited both our Moms to fly out and celebrate with hubby and I.

We flew Allegiant, the most fee-happy airline on earth from Colorado Springs to Vegas on Monday, the 27th and it was an hour late getting out because the plane was late in arriving. We were at the very back of the plane but were seated together at least. We arrived to another hour delay on the bags and a lot of pissed-off people at baggage claim. When one person stormed into the baggage office to be given excuse number 1, another fellow passenger would be given more excuses. After about a dozen passengers asked about the lengthy delay, my husband went into the baggage office and asked them to produce a live supervisor, not one on the phone. Shortly thereafter, the bags arrived. Coinky-dink? I think not. Arrived at Avis only to be told their computers were down and all the paperwork had to be handwritten. I had certificates for 4 free days which were also in need of processing. We finally got the Crown Vic and blew that hole!

Arrived at the Cosmo parking garage which was not as slick as I had read about with all the red and green lights, alerting you to open spaces, and after driving up and down a few levels we secured a spot near the West Valet entrance. Once we arrived at check in, getting a room was quick. East Tower 56th floor and of course the usual “you shouldn’t hear any noise” spiel, WRONG! We arrived in our room to find the safe didn’t work which we called "Beck and Call" (their one-stop source for all guest services) about but didn’t want to wait around for them to come up and fix it. We had a Terrace One bedroom w/balcony for $102 and no resort fees and it was great. I had read so many reports about housekeeping services greatly lacking but I proved that opinion wrong. Just for the hell of it, about 10 mins after arriving into the room I called housekeeping and told them I needed more toiletries. Within 10 mins a knock on the door and about 3 sets of everything were delivered. I shared a set with my Mom as it seems to be a family tradition. We just can’t get enough body lotion and shower gel in various scents. The bathroom was great with a Japanese soaking tub, and soap that had some sort of scrub or crystals in it with a scent of lavender. Very nice.

As for the high tech of the Cosmo room, everything worked, with the exception of the safe. We watched both TV’s, used the WiFi, phones, etc. and no complaints. The bathroom was large, had a separate toilet with a door, similar to the Palazzo without the lighting design flaw that Sheldon is so famous for. You can use the toilet and also benefit from a light switch on the wall for a change, who knew? The light switch in the entry way said hello and goodbye, like the usual drill, but the room worked for us and the bed was really comfortable. Lots of books, including one that looked like Japanese court-style porn, which Hubby told me (with altogether too much eye-brow-waggling) was a "pillow book" and was, in fact, Japanese court-style porn. Just imagine an instruction manual for how to maintain marital or un-marital bliss using pillows! These kids today with their hair, their clothes and their books………..

The shower was big with iridescent tiles and the soaking tub sits behind it. The whole bathroom really appealed to me and hubby liked the tub very much.

After we unpacked a bit, we headed down to the casino for a few hours for drinks and keno before deciding to have dinner somewhere. We were met with what I think is the best feature of the Cosmo which is good drink and floor service. As soon as I sat down to play Super Times play I was asked about cocktails and we ordered a Side Car and a 4 olive Martini for hubby. Drinks were brought by the 2nd hand in, first quad of the night. That’s a win in my book and the same great service continued as we searched for Keno machines that had been moved towards the back end of the casino. We played for a few hours, no big wins to speak of but enough play to be down only $100 each by the end of the night.

We wandered over to the hidden pizza place and picked up 4 slices and a couple of root beers and went back to the room. Had dinner, watched the big flat screens and tried out the tub and called it a night about midnight. We did hear the club bass for about an hour between 3-4 AM, but I slept right through it from 12:30-3 so it must not have been that loud. Best nights to be staying at Cosmo if you don’t want to the hear the Marquee is Tues/Wed, but Monday you’re stuck with it.

The next morning we took showers and decided to have coffee sent up via room service. Heard lots of stories about long hour+ delays but it was not true in our case. Hubby called in a pot of coffee and was quoted 30 mins, but since it was just coffee, got there in 15.

We ventured downstairs for a few last hours of gambling before picking up our Moms at the airport and we ordered Blood Mary’s which were fabulous, plenty strong and spicy and with big olives in them. What a breakfast of champions! While playing Game King regular quarter keno, my Mom called me on my cell and as we were chatting about her flight up pops 5/5 for an $800 win. Cosmo on a dollar bet pays $800 instead of $810, but hey a win is a win. I split the winnings with hubby and was now up for the trip.

On a side note I do have to admit part of my enjoyment of Cosmo was enjoying their Cosmos which I came back Thurs to drink all afternoon and evening. What makes them so good is the mandarin vodka they use and a dehydrated blood orange slice that floats around in the drink. I was enjoying eating the oranges as much as the drink. I am not normally a vodka/splash of cranberry juice kind of gal, so when I tried one it was fabulous and I continued to drink them, in this case for days. It’s no wonder my husband calls me Alcoholica when we’re in Vegas.

We checked out, with about $22 worth of points applied to the bill and off we went. Our host was able to check us out over the phone and were given a later check out at 1 PM v. 11 AM which was nice. I didn’t get the attitude of “sorry I can’t” but more “yes, I can do that” attitude and that speaks volumes for service, which helped us with having a more leisurely morning before heading back to the airport. We stopped at In-And-Out but it appeared to be about a 90 min commitment with the lines inside and out and we were hungry since we skipped breakfast so we opted for Wendy’s instead. Next trip when it’s not the lunch hour. We made a quick stop at Trader Joe’s for a bottle of Christilano and Prosecco and some baklava and giant cashews for the room and headed for the airport.

We drove to McCarran, parked the car and picked up both Moms’ before heading to Bellagio to try and get the same floor assigned to all three rooms. Bellagio was as crowded as ever and we checked in about 3 PM, for what I thought was going to be an upgrade to a Salone Suite from my host for my birthday. Carmen at check-in had other plans and started to show me the room that I was originally booked in, and then started flipping over pages in a book to let me know I had received a double upgrade to a penthouse suite. What a surprise this was for me and so happy to have it comped for 3 nights to celebrate in with hubby and both Moms. We were able to secure 1 room for hubby’s Mom on the same floor and my Mom was a few floors down, but same elevator bank. It all worked out fine and we thoroughly enjoyed the suite, had champagne and baklava one night and I enjoyed two bathrooms and free WiFi for 3 days.

We ventured over to Paris for dinner at Mon Ami Gabi on Tues night and it was fabulous. I had scallops, my Mom had salmon, hubby had the pork chop with a baked tomato that was the size of a large orange, and mom in law had French onion soup and tomato salad. For dessert we all shared the Banana crepe in what would be record time. After dinner we played in the casino at Paris for about a ½ hour and it felt like a dump compared to Cosmo and Bellagio. You would think that with all the money going into renovations at Caesars properties, they could find a way to get rid of the dark screens on all the keno machines. It was so dark it was depressing and off we went back to Bellagio.

I played several different machines at Bellagio including Sex and the City, Dream Card Poker and few hours of keno but no real success at any jackpots. I did play some dollar spin machines across from the keno machines and managed a double spin for about $280 so I cashed out and called it a night. I managed to drink many Cable and Side Cars while playing and they were as wonderful as always.

Wed morning I ran down for coffee, cheese Danish and a muffin from Palio, which is the only place open at 6 AM. No matter where I wake up, the body says 6 AM, get up!
Even in Vegas no matter what time I go to bed, I am always up way too early.

We met for breakfast later at the café where we shared pancakes with fruit, bacon and eggs and the waitress brought around a little cake to celebrate my birthday. Service at the Café was bad enough to almost walk out, but once the order was placed the meals were served within 20 mins, which I know seems long, but our waitress looked and acted like that out of a Russian death camp. She had a glazed-over look about her and had to have been tortured in another life.

After breakfast I played for a few hours with the Mom’s and hubby and hit a surprise Jackpot Party in quarters that afforded me a 3x multiplier, Dance Party and Whack the Pooper for a $482 Jackpot party on a 20 coin bet, which I quickly cashed out and split with hubby. It’s a win, not a 5/5 keno win, but a win, and the small TITOs I had, added up to still be $100 up for the trip after 2 days of gambling.

We had dinner reservations at Prime for 7:30 and we arrived on time and seated with a great fountain view. Mom’s and I had filets and lamb chops for hubby. We had sides of spinach, mushrooms, gingered sweet potatoes and potatoes Daphneois (spelling). All were perfectly prepared and service was impeccable. As always Prime never disappoints.

We had a few drinks and gambled a few hours after dinner till my feet couldn’t bear my cruel shoes any longer. We went up to the room and relaxed and fell into that big Bellagio bed.

Thurs morning we were up early, I made a coffee run for everyone and delivered it to the Mom’s before we were off to take hubby’s Mom to the airport. In my quest to catch up with a scooter and a way too fast walking spouse, I tripped over a baby stroller on the hard floor in front of the lobby. When I got up I saw stars and knew right then and there this might be my last time to Bellagio as the kids are getting to be a problem. It was full of strollers and too many kids in December and it was worse this trip. I was helped up and brought to my feet, but no security guards ever came over to check things out. Luckily I landed on my knee and hip sideways and no broken bones but had there been, I would be contacting counsel to litigate the matter by now. Pardon my French but f&^%#ing baby strollers have got to go! Stop making Bellagio like Disneyland and keep it safe for me, the average 50 year old.

Okay, I have said my peace and can move on. After we took mom-in-law to the airport we had lunch reservations at Milo’s at Cosmo with my Mom who treated us to the $20.11 lunch special they have going. As we were seated the waiter came over and wished me happy birthday with a generous glass of champagne, Appetizers were great, lots of choices, Mom had lamp and I had the special fish of the house and hubby had the best salmon. Dessert was walnut cake all around and it was fabulous. Some of the best service I have had at lunch in years. I would go back to Milo’s in a heartbeat. The wait staff was a cordial and friendly as they could be and yet they left you alone to enjoy the company of your party, so that was a plus.

We played a few hours at Cosmo and then took my Mom to the airport about 4. We then decided since we didn’t want to risk another stroller collision, we would leave the car at Bellagio and walk on over to Cosmo to play and enjoy more cocktails before having dinner at Cosmo.

Since the pain from the fall was now starting to sink in, I thought why not a couple of Cosmos and keno. We played for hours until we decided to go try the buffet which had no line at all. We both had some points on our Identity cards which wiped off ½ the bill for the buffet, so that was a plus. All the meats, salads, desserts, and hot dishes were individually served in dishes you could take away, so fewer chaffing dishes full of food were sitting around. Service for plates being cleared away and drinks were swift and the desserts were above par. Hundreds of choc covered strawberries, 20 flavors of gelato, candy, fresh fruit, and crème brulee, all wonderful and so uncrowded. There were less than 100 people having dinner at about 8PM.

After dinner we ventured out to take a walk around the Bellagio fountain show and back to Bellagio. We did witness a young couple having a full-on argument to which many of us standing and enjoying the fountain show looked behind to look and say with our own expressions “go take your unhappy marital life and share it somewhere else”, to which they made a hasty retreat. Thank God! Nothing I hate worse than having a nice meal and relaxing time ruined by idiots who don‘t have an “inside” voice.

We played at Bellagio a few hours longer but I was not able to connect another 5/5 to end out the trip. Friday morning we were up and out at 10:30 to return the car and head to the airport. We did make Platinum status sometime between Tues and Friday and did pass by the slot desk to get new cards. I found out a few days later that Cosmo will match our current cards to their platinum as well, which affords us wonderful perks I intend to take advantage of when we go back for hubby’s birthday in December.

All in all another year, a great birthday trip and even though I had a slip and fall, I feel okay now. The drinks really helped, and they were oh sooooooooo gooooood.

Hope you all enjoyed the trip report. I know it was lengthier than usual but it took 50 years for the experience to share with all of you.

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