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Wynn Tournament Road Trip
by KenoQueen
Posted: 10:46:00 AM, Monday, August 22, 2011

I went out to Caly to see my Mom and we drove to Vegas on the 8th to attend a Wynn tourney that included 2 nights comp’d and a chance to win Freecredit in varying amounts from 1st to 50th place and double booked a room at Bellagio as well.

We checked in at Wynn about 1:30 on Monday and were given a room facing the golf course with 2 double beds on the 14th floor. The set up for the tourney required you to sign up and get your machine numbers and times to play in 2 ten minute sessions. I have to say Wynn has cheaped out as much as it could as there was no welcome gift, no drinks, no food, nada. I played at Wynn Monday afternoon and evening and had absolutely no play at all, with only 1 Keno hit for 4/4 for 728 quarters and very little else.

I placed well in the first round of play around 11K and then about 9600 on the 2nd round, which almost qualified me for the $150 Freecredit in 50th place, but I missed it by just 1000 points or 1 good spin of Red, White & Blue sevens. I have to say I won’t be back for any tourneys at Wynn because it just felt so scaled down from previous tourneys that it wasn’t worth the trouble of going. The tourneys are held on the casino floor at Encore, no longer in ballrooms so it’s a completely different set up than it used to be, when it was much more like a party.

On Monday night Mom and I tried Zooza for dinner, which served the driest sandwiches I have ever eaten and portion controlled fries, which may have totaled 15 in a small white bowl for $4. I know that I will skip Zooza in the future.

On Tues, we decided to move over to Bellagio to take advantage of up to 3 nights comp’d, 100 freeplay and $100 F&B. I made plat status on my last trip in late June and when we checked in, the nervous guy at check in assigned us to a room on the 25th floor, one of the newly remodeled rooms, which was fine, except it was the 3rd to last room from the end and Mom has bad knees so we had to get reassigned to something closer to the elevator. The 2nd room was much closer but stunk to high heaven of paint, resins and new carpet which became unbearable and we had to move again to the 28th floor to a connector room which was showing signs of age and falling apart all over the place. We decided one night was enough and checked out on Wed morning.

As for gambling, Bellagio provided a lot more play and I played my normal quarter Jackpot Party and Keno, which gave me plenty of play as I hit 3/3 and 4/4 on Keno to cash out a $175 ticket before going to bed. I also tried the Penny Quick Hits near the restrooms near Jasmine and as I slipped in $5 and started to play, I got a bonus which bumped up my bankroll. I bet $1.50 a few times and got the bonus for 20 spins X 3 and something else wild which I can’t remember. During the bonus round I hit for 7 Quick Hit symbols and won the $223 progressive + all the spin bonus monies and cashed out $243.00 on a $5 investment. This was fun and a lot more profitable than I thought it would be.

Mom and I had dinner at the Café at Bellagio and enjoyed a Greek salad, lettuce wraps, and fish and chips; chips that weren’t portion controlled and were easily triple what Wynn dolled out and used our F&B comp for it, and had still had plenty leftover to have room service breakfast the next morning before checking out.

Our Vegas tradition lately has been a stop at Cosmo on the way out of town and this trip was no exception. We went to Milos for the $20.11 lunch and it was as good as the last time. I had a shrimp appetizer, salmon entrée and the walnut spice cake for dessert which was fabulous. For such a bargain, I was surprised that the restaurant wasn’t packed as this is one of the best deals in Vegas and the choices are plentiful. The service is tops in my book.

Mom and I had a few hours after lunch to play and play we did. Upon entering the casino after a wonderful lunch I thought to myself, “my wouldn’t 5/5 fit the bill now?” I walked over to the same bank of Gamemaker Keno machines and slipped in a $20 and selected 5 numbers, and on the 6th game, I did get my wish for $800. I quickly cashed out that ticket and went in search of more Keno which I did find; a bank of 10 new machines tucked away in a little cubby near the front of the entrance to the casino from LV Blvd. These are the same type of machines that Cosmo has in the back near the Vitals store that include Caveman, 4 Card, Cleo, Power and regular Keno in quarter, ½ and dollar denominations and I had plenty of play for about ½ hour longer before we left to drive back to CA.

Closing thoughts: Bellagio has lost its appeal for me again as they couldn’t get a lot of things right, and no matter how many offers I get for free nights, F&B and Freeplay, the service is still slipping and I likely won’t be back unless the remodel is finished and the stroller problem is eliminated. Plat status does have some advantage at Bellagio as you are usually given upgrades at check in, including Salone suites, but the remodel will take another 6 months, and it’s only in the main tower. The rooms will remain the same in the spa tower and during the process, Bellagio is charging $30 extra a night for rooms that smell like paint! As for Wynn, it too has lost its appeal as it felt like everything was all about the money, cutting corners, not even a drink or a bottle of water for invited guests of a tourney. It felt so cheap to me that I won’t return, and without any play at all in their casinos at both Encore and Wynn, I would prefer to play at Cosmo or Aria in the future.

Hope you enjoyed the report!

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