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TI/Palazzo A Tale of 2 Tourneys, and finally stickin' it to the Man!
by KenoQueen
Posted: 7/2/2013 12:01:37 PM, Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I recently moved from CO to NV and since moving here, I have stayed away from the strip on weekends, by choice but decided I needed a break as I was invited to 2 tourneys at TI and Palazzo.

After years of no offers from Palazzo and changing my zip code to a local one I suddenly had 6 offers on my acct, 1 weekly freeplay for $5, a giveaway or two and 3 slot tourneys. TI's started the 14th for 2 days (3 rounds) and Palazzo incorporating video reels vs. mechanical reels 14th and 15th,, also for 3 rounds.. I arrived at TI Thurs to check in and register for the 1st tourney and spin for freeplay for registering, what turned out to be a whopping $10!

Walked over to Palazzo afterwards and signed up for what sessions were left, being a 10:20AM 2:20 PM Friday, and 10:20 AM on Sat. TI's were noon/3PM//noon so I cut it close on the 2nd round but was still able to tackle them both without missing anything. Palazzo chose your machine numbers in advance which was a plus in my book, vs. TI's having to draw your machine number before each round. Having the machine numbers in advance was a big time saver.

After getting back from Palazzo I played keno and slots for a few hours and had a few cocktails and called it a day about 11. No big wins to speak of but had some decent play for a few hours. I tried quarter 4 card keno and didn't really hit anything better than 4/4 for $91.

I like TI rooms for a lot of reasons, but whenever I check in I always want a few more pillows. I called housekeeping and had them send up a few, so now I had 6, what bliss. I didn't sleep that well because the train ran at 4 AM and beyond! I slept thru the 1st one, but one every hour kept me up. I got up and showered and picked up a Starbucks and a scone and started my day.

I got to Palazzo about 10 to start the 1st tourney and was relieved to hear it was only 5 mins vs. the 15 I had waiting to go at TI. It's much easier to accumulate a high score on a video reel slot, as some of the spins were 150K each and it adds up fast. Palazzo tourney slot I was happy to see a score over a mill as the emcee said in order to get anything, you have to be over a million to get paid. Good to know for future tourneys unless they change the format and lower the spin values.

On a side note, being a NV resident Palazzo offered no room comps at all, just free entry into the tourney. Glad I had a free room for 3 nights at TI as it made it easier to compete in tourneys at once. One thing I will say about TI rooms, train notwithstanding the rooms are plenty big, beds are very comfortable, sheets, comforter, etc., all decent quality and you have a fridge and a safe, and a much bigger bathroom than a lot of strip properties. Palazzo bathrooms are not on par with those of Bellagio and Aria, but for a mid-level hotel, they're not bad at all. The room service quality of food, meh, but it was served promptly, and they do have a decent pizza joint, Starbucks, coffee shop, etc. so it's not like you have only one choice. Prices are moderate also. The main reason I like TI is that it's the only hotel I can say I have stayed at consistently and hit 5/5 on every stay. This time was no exception.

Back at TI I got a decent score but nothing to write home about: 9635. There were 14/15K's in the bunch and the theme of the tourney was Moustachio Bachio and the gag gift was a fake pack of stick-on mustaches, all black and thick, and women wearing them looked hysterical.Treasure Island tourney slot I have never seen so much about moustaches but it was a clever theme that worked with the emcee, who has been there for at least a decade. After 15 minutes of banging the buttons, them fingers hurt!

Walked back over to Palazzo for round 2 where the staff handling the tourney forgot to reset the machines and had to stop the tourney in the middle of it and start over again. What really cheesed me off was my score was so high at the 2 min mark pushing 900K with 3 mins to go, and losing the opportunity to place well in round 2. After completing the re-start round, I finished with a score of 858,900. I was not pleased but what can you do. Try for a great score in round 3.

I had at least 90 mins to relax and have a mimosa or two, play some 4 card nickel keno and glad I did. I hit 5/5 for 3000 on one bank of multi games near the cage and also again near Gilly's for 3216, all while enjoying great cocktail service.Treasure Island multi-card keno win I saw players tipping change that was under a dollar and thought, would it kill you to tip with a buck? It's less heavy than change, come on people prepare yourselves!

Finished round 2 at TI with a score of 5965, which in my view would take me out of the running since my 1st score was just average.

After the Friday tourneys were over I ran out to take care of some errands near home and grab a gyros from our local Greek restaurant, something I sorely missed while living in CO where there are no decent ethnic restaurants except for Denver; I hated Denver.

Went to Green Valley to pick up a BBQ set gift and back to the strip to chill for the night. So glad I had a decent meal for dinner as the BLT I ordered from room service Thurs night was ok, but the fries that came with it were plentiful but limp, and only warm, not hot.

After dinner I decided to play for a few hours and glad I did. It was fun, but bear in mind being a local resident now, I know why you avoid the strip, especially on weekends. It's a zoo and not the kind where the animals are nice. It's frat boys, drunks and more drunks, and drunk husbands who shouldn't really be husbands who just want to argue with their wives or girlfriends about why they were drug off to Vegas from Caly, and so on and so on. What caliber was being held to your head when your wife forced you into the car and off to the 15? I wish people would leave their marital spats at home. Grow up, we're all trying to enjoy our nice level of inebriation and gaming, while not being a witness to your lack of control with your spouse.

After witnessing my share of drunken spats I moved over to the wall of Quick Hits machines in front of the gift shop where a gent hit the progressive for $77K around 6 which I missed by an hour. I had been playing those same machines earlier in the day, but it was exciting to see a bunch of suits and staff resetting the machine. I talked to a cocktail server who told me that the weekends are busy and players are loud and crazy and it doesn't stop till about 4 AM. She was very attentive to me and my fellow gamblers who just wanted to chill, play and hear a few less blood curdling screams when someone won $5 on the electronic wheel machine.

I moved on to a keno machine that was friendly enough to give some back by giving me a needed 5/5 hit for $810. I played some nickel Ultimate X DDB 10 play and turned a $20 into well over a Franklin in about 10 mins. I called it a night about midnight and up to bed I went.

Saturday was a great day, even though I awoke with a slight hangover from the cocktails on Friday night. Woke up and showered, grabbed a coffee at Starbucks and headed over to Palazzo for my final round which went well. It's great to see your placement while playing on the machine and I ended at round 3's session with over 1.2M points and placed 2nd for that session. My first session was about 9th, 2nd 18th,m and final 2nd.

Afterwards I walked back over to TI for noon final round and finished with a decent score of 12K and change. I booked a massage at Qua for 3PM so I hoofed it over in the 100 degree heat in a fast 15 mins to arrive with plenty of time to chill before the massage. Being a Saturday, a day I never book massages it was bridal party day, oh joy! More crowds, yeah, gotta love it, NOT! Trying to use the Jacuzzi, arctic room, etc. were a no go for me, but next time definitely. Qua is a great spa, just a better spa with less crowds.

I walked thru Caesar's forum casino to put a few points on both mine and my husbands TR cards. $5 in, hit 3/3 for a fast $50 and I walked out with enough to keep the points on the cards active till December. Easy peasy.

Caesar's is a mob scene and here is proof on a Saturday afternoon about 4:45PM, as loud as the democratic convention without Mad Cow and Tingles!

I walked back to Palazzo by way of Venetian around 5 and glad I did. Apparently Sheldon turned the lights on in the casino as it seemed much brighter than before and it was a nice change. Very loud and crowded as it would be on a Saturday but at least it didn't feel like a cave.

When I got to Palazzo I put my card in a Quick Hits machine and it said gaming credits available so I knew I placed and what I saw was $100 which would have placed me somewhere between 20th - 100th place for a total score of 3.2 million points in 3 sessions. If I am invited again I will know how many points I would need to place higher than 20, but glad to have it pre loaded on the card. I played the Quick Hits a few minutes and got the bonus for 25 spins during which the 6 symbol progressive hit in the middle of it for an extra $150 and after investing $20, I cashed out at $262; oh happy day!

I then went over to a power keno machine and started using the freeplay and hit 4/4 with the bonus of landing on the last number for $300 bucks, which was another welcome win.4/4 power keno win Lastly I played Sex in the City original version and got the shoe bonus, my favorite and picked Samantha for the 5 spins which damn near filled up the board for $108. I cashed that ticket out and left Shelly's place with $650 of his money after using the freeplay. A nice way to end the two tourneys and finally stick it the man!

On a side note, while playing Sex in The City, I tried out the Drinks2U auto notification option on the machine, which will allegedly bring you a specialty or standard cocktail after you place the order. I ordered a Lemon Drop, but after 15 minutes it never showed up and I cashed out. Note to Shelly, Drinks2U only works when someone is paying attention to the software you've installed. Drinks2U was a miss this time. More like Drinks F U I think. Are you kidding; you wanna drink my booze while I take your money?

Back at TI there was a lit up board of names and placement in the Moustachio Bashio where you could view your placement and freeplay amount that was loaded on the card. I placed 34th out of 100's with scores totaling a bit over 28K for all three rounds. I preferred the Palazzo tourney for a few reasons over TI. The short sessions of 5 minutes on video reels is likely the wave of the future for tourneys and the ability to view your placement while playing, which is something you have no clue about on traditional reels. Also at the Palazzo tourney a TITO spit out your score at the end of each session so there would be no errors in the counts from staff taking down numbers by hand.

TI did have spin bonuses for freeplay based upon tier levels being reached for additional spins. 1st 1000 points earned 1 spin between 10 and 250 I think, 2nd spin for 3000 points earned me another spin between 20-500 in freeplay. It is also nice that TI has kiosks set up that allow you to swipe and spin without the need of talking to the walking dead standing behind the slot club desk. You stand in line to talk to someone who has been employed by TI since the beginning and still hates their job!

Upon returning to TI from Palazzo, I thought about grabbing a slice of pizza to take the edge off but the line was almost out the door, so I headed up to the room to order room service. Quoted 40 mins, arrived in 20 and the food was actually hot this time, who knew!

After dinner I just felt too tired to go downstairs and redeem the freeplay so I hung out in the air conditioned comfort of my room and 6 pillows!

I finally got a good nights rest even though I heard the train at 4 AM, I went back to sleep and woke up at 7:30 feeling a lot better. I grabbed a coffee and scone at Starbucks and then went to the front desk and grabbed a free LVRJ which I thought was nice as well. I walked back to the room with coffee, scone and paper in hand all before 8AM. It's all good!

After showering and getting a late check out, I went down to try my luck with my 34th place winnings and keno was not kind to me. Not even 3/3 to show for it, so I tried Monte Carol spin in dollars, which finally showed me some love. Two spins for 20 and 25 bucks, and 3 blue sevens for a fast 50, which brought me to $125 and I cashed out and left.

Next time I think I will play a Palazzo tourney that is mid week and skip staying at TI on a weekend entirely. I have another trip planned for my birthday in a few weeks and staying at Aria where I hope to hit the progressive on quarter keno if they still have those machines. I was lucky enough in January to hit 9/10 for a fast 5K but hopeful I can now get 10/10 or at least a handpay on my first birthday as a Nevada resident which in and of itself is a gift.

Hope you enjoyed the report!


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