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Aria Birthday Trip
by KenoQueen
Posted: 7/17/2013 1:03:06 PM, Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Between my last birthday and this one, it has been quite a year, with a lot of ups and downs but I celebrated in my favorite place and thoroughly enjoyed it this year with a two night comp'd stay, some Freeplay and a great time for me, The Keno Queen!

My Mom came out to visit and we arrived at Aria Sunday afternoon in 118 degree heat, which really takes it out of you sometimes. I am getting used to it now but somewhere between 115-120 the body says, no, this is wrong! We quickly checked in at Invited Guest and got rooms very close to each other on the 53rd floor with a great strip view. Apparently the higher the floor the less rooms towards the top of the building and less walk to the elevators. The room stayed very cool throughout our trip as I set the temp in the room to 67 and left it there. Yes, I like it very cool, especially in June.

We all got settled in to vacation mode and hit the casino almost immediately. I ordered a Cable Car and starting playing my favorite keno machines, the progressives up front where 7/7 pays almost $8K, 8/8 about $9K and 9/9 and 10/10 were both over $11K About 15 minutes into our gambling session I hit 5/5 for $810 with four quarters in for a nice start of winning to the trip.keno win number 1 Shared my winnings with hubby and went off to get my $150 Freeplay loaded onto the card.

Normally I always split the freeplay with hubby but I played more than my usual share, and he didn't mind since it was a birthday trip. I gave him my card with $25 left on it and had no complaints. I played a few slots and had a few more cocktails but no other big hits. Also played Double SPT poker in five hands but didn't really win much of anything, still I enjoyed playing.

For dinner we decided on trying Aria's newly remodeled buffet and I was not impressed. The crocks and Dutch ovens sitting out for what looked like hours were very unappetizing and for $40 a head it was not worth it. Worse yet, a 4:30 AM indigestion attack reminded me it didn't agree with me completely, but Mom had a few free buffets with her room offer so we put them to use. It was not worth $40 even for free. Service at the buffet for drinks and plate clearing was also pretty poor and we didn't tip much of anything this time. Won't be back to this one for a while because the food just wasn't that good this time.

After dinner I sat down near the cage at the back of the casino and played Power Keno and a few other games including four-card with my husband. He hit for 7/9 for a nice hand pay of $1340, something that would become a trend this trip. It was his first hand pay this year on keno or anything else. We stayed up and gambled and enjoyed the cool of the casino and went to bed about midnight. When we got back up to the room, we found a nice dessert sent up for my birthday--chocolate-dipped macaroons and strawberries with a note from the hotel manager. They were soooooo good, and a nice touch from the hotel.

Up at 4:30 from the Aria buffet, I decided to go check on our dog at home early in the day so I could chill a bit more after taking care of him. I grabbed a coffee at Starbucks on the promenade level about 5:30 and the coffee, in a word, was shit! Either the Starbucks folks were not awake or they were serving old coffee, but it was awful and not very hot. I got the car from the valet at about 5:50 AM and they were actually slow there too. It took them till after 6 to find the car, and their excuse was that they couldn't find someone else's car. How many valets does Aria employ at 5:50AM, I think it was just the one!

I checked on my beloved dog and all was right at home, so back to the strip I went and got a cup of coffee at Jean Philippe, which was hot, not strong enough for my taste but it was fresh. Had a lemon raspberry muffin and enjoyed the rest of the morning with hubby and my mom.

I started playing Caveman Keno, a game I rarely play in $1's and had a blast hitting 4/4 with the two eggs open for a nice hit of $1184 without a 1099.caveman keno win

Later in the afternoon I decided to chill in the room for a bit after running some errands near home where the 118 degree heat hit me like a ton of bricks and I just wanted to cool off. Took a nice shower and chilled in the room 'til I heard my phone making weird noises and noticed my husband texted me a photo of another jackpot for $1340 for hitting 7/9 again. I continued to get ready to go downstairs and join hubby for drinks before dinner and got another text about five minutes later with the same jackpot of $1340.00, which made three for the trip. Apparently my husband had just been paid for the first jackpot and turned around five minutes later and hit it again. Some might call him The King of Keno, Yipppeee!

We had a great dinner at Javier's as we did back in January when we had a $100 comp to try it out. Glad we returned here for dinner as the food is great, lots of seafood choices, plenty of chips and salsa that are complimentary and quick service. Javier's is a find and I can only hope they stick around for a while. It's a good choice and reasonably priced for a hotel restaurant.

After dinner I ordered some Kahlua & cream and played the progressive machines again where I hit for 5/5 and 6/10 for another nice win without a 1099.keno win number 3 Two hits for 5/5 and three hand pays for hubby really put a spring in our step as it had been years since we came home with 3 1099s and extra cash. It was a great birthday and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We got up at our usual time and had coffee with my Mom before she drove home. Back home about 9 and relished the fact I would never have a 12-hour drive home like I used to. That used to be the biggest letdown of our trips and I am so glad to be only a 15-minute drive home, which feels miles away from the traffic-laden strip. It was good to be home, and oh so quickly.

Hope you enjoyed the read and the pictures.

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