Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino

7777 Lucky Eagle Drive
Eagle Pass, TX 78852
Toll-Free: (888) 255-8259
(830) 758-1936

Author: JohnnyRochester
Posted: Tuesday, December 1, 2009
“The machines are all funky bingo ones. They're all really boring and really slow. And before I say how tight they are, know that I have played slots all over the country.(Chicago,Indiana,Tunica,Minnesota,Iowa,Vegas,Washington, and even Oklahoma) So I know that luck will come and go and certain machines pay while identicals don't, but Kickapoo Lucky Eagle is by far the worst casino for slot players I've ever played at. Unless you hit one of the bingo jackpots, which is very unlikely, it's nearly impossible to cash out more than you put in. We had a ticket jam and had to wait over an hour for verification from a supervisor on a $9 ticket. All of the machines are ticket in ticket out, but there are 3 or 4 different kinds of tickets and the machines never wanted to accept any of them. And here's the kicker, the cashier couldn't scan some of the tickets either because they were the wrong kind. She had to get someone to find a machine that accepted them to cash out different vouchers. For a casino with 1500 slots this is pathetic.
The buffet is cheap but very small and not that good. They ran out of half the food they offered and took 20 minutes to replace it. This happened at 6 P.M. when the restaurant was filled to only 1/3 of its capacity. The dishes were never removed from our table(nor anyone else's) and the drinks were never refilled.
There is a very small bar that looks like it could fit five people but had 4 times that crammed in. You can drink alcohol on the casino floor or at least they don't enforce any rule against it. There are free self serve beverages that include Big Red!! And they have a cafeteria style snack bar in the back that reeks of toilet water. So I don't know how the food is.
There is also a decent sized poker room, a bingo room, and some sort of player's club, but who cares? Stay far away from this place and DO NOT drive out of your way for it. Huge disappointment.”

Author: BJ
Posted: Sunday, August 1, 2010
“I totally disagree with the comment above. I too have played in many different casinos along with my wife. We hardly ever won any jackpots in vegas,mississippi,lousianna carolinas and the boardwalk. We started playing at lucky eagle 3 years ago and have won quite a few (over 15) jackpots in that period. The person above must have been there 10 years ago. It was very disorganized and chaotic at that time. Today, 2010, it is huge and very professionally run with great and clean service. The person above is way out of touch. They just added another wing and another snack bar and immaculate restrooms. Sorry partner, you are living in the stone age. They have one full service restaurant, 3 snack bars, a beautiful sports bar with about 8 or 10 tv's. By the way. We play 3 dollar slots and above. We have witnessed people win thousands on nickel and penny machines. Also 10 to 15 cashier windows. Good Luck.”

Author: terry leeper
Posted: Sunday, November 13, 2011
“and stay at la quinta inn while you are there its just around the corner from the casino...”

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