Aria Resort & Casino

3730 Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Toll-Free: (866) 359-7757
(702) 590-7757
Resort Fee $20 + tax per night
Author: vegasgal12
Posted: Saturday, January 9, 2010
“Aria truly is a whole different ball game when you line it up with others like Bellagio and Wynn. I have to say cave comes to mind, but a very high tech one at that. The casino is too dark. When you think of Wynn and Encore casinos you think of the entrance and as you walk to the casino you are hit with natural light from behind and on the side. Bellagio may not have natural light coming through the casino, but the lighting is ample and the lobby gains light from the conservatory to some degree. When you walk into Aria, yes it's a stunning example of modern architecture but itís a cave, I felt like I needed a flash light to get around in there! The signage sucked out loud and itís so easy to get lost, even after 2 days of staying there, it was still unclear how to get out to go to the tram. I also just remembered what cheapened the experience of Aria for me was the glass doors leading into the casino from the tram where you could see fingerprints and decals from Christmas still left on the doors, up to the 5th of January. The doors at Bellagio and Wynn are not glass, but heavier and I prefer them. Glass doors leading into a casino remind me of downtown, sticky and dingy. I didnít like them.

As for the rooms at Aria, all I can say is wow! As you approach the door to gain access to the room, you simply wave your key in front of the door lock; no fiddling with key inserts; nice touch. Bedside controls were sometimes a hard to master but the ability to control everything from 1 place was great. Bathroom amenities were plentiful and housekeeping kept us up to our eyeballs in body lotion, bath gel, soap, hairspray, toothbrushes, shave gel and razors, you name it they brought it, and fast! For those who have commented that the bath amenities were unscented, they are not, but have a lovely light scent. Loved the safe in the nightstand in between the 2 queen beds. Very convenient and also big enough for a lap top.

The Aria had bathrobes hanging up in the closet that were your standard white with a medium blue logo on them, but you could not buy them in the hotel gift shop because of some patent snafu! Another loss in revenue that could have been prevented prior to opening. I normally wouldnít bother mentioning things like bathrobes but these robes were unique in that they were plenty long enough and big enough for a tall man or anyone else with some meat on their bones, I being one of them. They were warmer than most spa robes and very soft and comfortable. I might have bought one, but MGM has to get permission to sell it to me first! What nonsense.

Also, we were on a non smoking floor but our neighbors were smoking for 2 days during our stay and you could really smell it coming through the vent in the bathroom where the toilet is. Stunk up the whole room. We called the front desk who were apologetic of course and offered to move us, but we didnít feel like it so we stayed put.”

Author: curmudgeon
Posted: Sunday, June 13, 2010
“The two daily tournaments at the card room are well-attended, and the skill level of the players is about standard. The tourneys I played in (Wednesday and Thursday) each had about 35 players, with tighter play at the higher-priced tourney. Dealers were very competent and drink service was very good.”

Author: curmudgeon
Posted: Sunday, June 13, 2010
“In the past I would have lambasted Aria for its pretensions, but my experience with a just-opened Bellagio compared with my experience with a Bellagio opened for 14 months taught me that casino-hotels all have a learning curve. I'm hoping that what I found at Aria is the bottom of that curve rather than the top of it.

First of all, the pluses: Decor is very modern and floor service is prompt, courteous, and professional. In fact, everyone my wife and I dealt with at Aria during our three-day stay was what you hope hotel/casino staff will be. The buffet is one of the best I've ever tried; both breakfast and dinner spreads are phenomenal.

Now, all the niggling little minuses: One set of six elevators serve the entire hotel. They are positioned in the center, so if your room is not near the center, you WILL be hiking. Not as bad as the old Aladdin was (where you could walk what seemed like half a mile to your end-of-the-gloomy-corridor room). Our room had two non-functioning lamps, and it took over an hour to get someone up to take care of them. The plasma TV screen had a disconcerting habit of dimming and brightening on its own, and the remote control was pokey (press a button, wait a few seconds while the super-computer contemplates the incoming command, examining it for nuance; finding none, it begrudgingly grants your request to scroll down one item on the viewing guide; repeat until full exasperation is achieved). As hi-tech as the rooms are (the curtains open automatically when you enter the room; the bedside remote controls everything in the room from temp to curtains to lights to (eventually) the TV).Still, I've seen this same problem at other hotels using the same system, so I suspect this is a software problem not unique to Aria.

Signage is another problem at Aria; I found one sign near the poker room indicating a direction to walk to get to the players club; after that, I was on my own. Other places you are pretty much on your own in locating are the cashier's cage, the poker room, the rest rooms, and the guest elevators.

Also (and this is so whiney even I am hesitant to mention it) all the doors going into and out of the casino are glass, and have stops on them so they open in only one direction. There are no visual cues as to which way the door will open, and naturally, it is always in the second direction you try. Since the doors are all hinged so they will open in both directions, removing the frigging stops would alleviate this problem, and save me the constant embarrassment of thunking against glass door after glass door as I wander about looking for the player's club.”

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